About us

Test quality control system  is transparent and accessible for any interested person in laboratory Mrecheveli. Please visit us, fill the application and get complete information on all  standard steps of test performance  - from ordering to getting an answer. You may attend  and participate   in the process providing  quality  and maximal  precision  of laboratory research.


Internationally recognized system of quality internal and external control is applied in laboratory, according to the standards  by which Western and Eastern  European  laboratories united in the  European Limbach Diagnostic Group are guided.   


Quality external control is regularly implemented by  Society Protecting Laboratories’ Quality Control ((INSTAND e.V. Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Qualitaetssicherund in medizinischen Laboratorien e.V., Deutschland. http://www.instandev.de/ringversuche )



 Quality internal control is performed   by standard control materials and frequency of analyzers noted in instruction . Considering  experience of European laboratories, Mrcheveli  has internal standard as well, by which the frequency of internal control is increased: control materials  provide for accuracy of laboratory device.  The test samples of the patients whose indicator is pathologic are checked for compliance.c